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We offer a multi-discipline design service meaning we do not have to refer to specialist designers, we already have these in-house: our team includes all the elements needed for most types of buildings and services. Not having to refer to external specialist is more efficient, saving time and money and we like to think that genuinely open contact creates a superior outcome.


The design office uses only CAD systems, and as well as engineering design systems the latest office tools. The technology approach contributes significantly towards the Group’s success, in providing efficient and highly competitive services. We prefer to do business electronically but we also recognise this does not suit everyone. We are able to offer paperless document processes to clients with the facilities to move in this direction.

Design and Project Management Services

The Group provides comprehensive design and project management services on a variety of construction projects, for clients in the Public and Private sectors. The service offered ranges from a design service, with or without site supervision, to a total project management service, in which the project is directed from inception through to completion and occupation.

Surveys, Inspections and Reports

In addition to undertaking the normal range of survey work associated with construction projects, members of the Group have developed a high degree of expertise in structural and condition surveys and reports, building services inspections and reports, appraisals for development and appraisals in assessing, maintaining and conserving historic buildings and ancient monuments.

Construction Industry Support

We provide specialist services to support the construction industry. Construction health and safety is a continuing problem especially with the use of migrant workers. Our CDM-Coordinators will ensure compliance with the law and best practice in construction. We also provide services for resource and environment management and sustainability in projects.

Building Economy Management Advisory Service (BEMAS)

With many years practise managing construction and engineering contracts Brunel Design Group is now making it's expertise available to Finance Managers who are under pressure in increasingly constrained circumstances but still supporting a growing demand.

The BEMAS review

Now more than ever, when construction and maintenance budgets are under severe strain, it is essential to make the best of what is available.

The BEMAS review will:

  • Provide a plan to crystallise effective use of available funds.
  • Forecast fiscal demand, formulate to equalise financial loading, prevent waste and manage risk.
  • Demonstrate that all avenues have been explored.
  • Identify dead economics.
  • Identify the future consequences of spend and zero spend options.
  • Frame the case for appropriate spend.
  • Evaluate proposals using cost and climate change models.
  • Support carbon neutrality and carbon balance.
  • Ensure that you reach sustainability and environmental standards.
  • Ensure compliance with standards and codes of practice.

Forecasting of maintenance is not always successful and repairs are frequently distress purchase, circumstances which are not favourable to economic solutions. BEMAS can assist by pre-planning event resolution giving you access to the what, when, where, how much to spend and spend to save decisions and provide "what if" plans to make the most of your scarce resources.

This is a winning solution.

Please contact us for more information.


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